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Personal Achievement

Belt Gradings are an important exercise in performing what you have learned for your current rank. It is not only a test of your memory and technical skills, but a vehicle to measure personal achievement and effort. In addition, Grading builds self-confidence by working in front of an audience and in a group.

Gradings are an important exercise in performing what you have learned for your current rank. It is not only a test of your memory and technical skills, but a vehicle to measure personal achievement and effort. In addition, Grading builds self-confidence by working in front of an audience and in a group.

All ranks are markers on your journey to becoming a Black Belt. Each belt grade has requirements in order to be able to progress to the proceeding ranks.  Grading cycles vary for each student depending on a number of factors:
. The speed of concepts grasped & the technical performance
. Practice through regular class attendance and home practice
. Class behaviour, spirit, focus & attitude
. The achievement of the minimum lessons attended & the minimum time required between gradings - these minimum times can be viewed on the grading syllabus cards.

We are always in the act of becoming the belt that we are wearing and Once you have acquired the skills at a belt level or rank, your class instructor will recommend you for advancement to your next grade.

All students grade through all the ranks individually from 10th Gup - 1st Dan; students are not permitted to jump grades and all students will be advised of their grading readiness & will be invited to attend the next scheduled testing by their Class Instructor. Students can view their invitation to grade date under the student grading list section.

SHMA has made Zoom training a viable platform in which to train and develop and we have seen the advancement of students, however, Zoom should be used as an addition to in-class training whenever possible, especially students reaching Advanced belt levels. In-class training aspects increase the student's ability to fully comprehend the technique application with a training partner.  Speed, power, timing & confidence increase with an APPLIED practice of Martial Arts when adjusting to partner size, speed of attack & Style of Attack, etc.

At this time SHMA permits all students to train and grade through the Zoom platform up to and including 2nd Gup (Red Belt) Students who are scheduled to grade for  1st Gup, Cho Dan Bo & Black Belt are required to train in at least one class per week class or /and attend the Holiday Camp (minimum half days/full week or Private lessons) and use Zoom to supplement and assist with in-class training.  This in-class training requirement is to maintain the integrity of the necessary requirements of the Martial Arts & Tang Soo Do. 

Grading Route



Reds/CDB/Black Belts


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Student Grading List

Students scheduled grading dates shown below are dependant on the student's continued training and the techniques known, maintained & improved.  


Please book your grading by completing the online Grading form and paying for the grading immediately on completion of the form.


Please purchase any equipment required from our website shop.

If you cannot find your name please email us!

Aaron Dan TBC 

Aarav Nirmal Shah Level 4 December 2021

Aarav Shanmuganathan TBC 

Aarush Shanmuganathan 1st Gup December 2021

Abhimanu Nair 5th Gup TBC 

Abigail Yann Tong Wong TBC 

Abrar Ibn Rafiq 9th Gup December 2021

Aditya Gupta Ram 8th Gup TBC 

Adya Gupta Ram 5th Gup TBC 

Aeshan Nakkanti 5th Gup December 2021

Aidan Barron 3rd Gup December 2021

Akif Kamran 8th Gup TBC

Akshaya Nalubolu TBC

Alberto Larrue - Baulch 3rd Gup October HC 2021

Alex Lachut 9th Gup December 2021

Amaresh Umasankar 3rd December 2021

Amvi Gupta 6th Gup TBC

Anaya Shabbir 10th Gup December 2021

Andrew Spencer Level 5 December 2021

Andrew Wilson 1st Gup TBC

Aniket Dastidar TBC

Anish Nirmalan TBC

Anmol Bhat 9th Gup December 2021

Anna Rocha 8th Gup December 2021

Anoushka Goswami 10th Gup December 2021

Ansh Patel 8th Gup October HC 2021

Anton Povystan 3rd Dan TBC

Arjun Patel TBC

Athav Malik 7th Gup TBC

Audvik Aguilane Level 5 December 2021

Aum Patel 1st Gup TBC

Avik Gupta 9th Gup TBC

Axel Chew-Lernborg TBC

Aizah Raheem TBC

Ben Fish 1st Dan July 2022

Billie Jones 5th Gup December 2021

Bode Alamu 6th Gup TBC

Brandon Rrustemaj 5th Gup December 2021

Burak Yildiz 10th Gup December 2021

Charlie Larkin TBC

Charlie Larrue - Baulch 7th Gup October HC 2021

Charlotte Arnold 5th Gup December 2021

Charles Page TBC

Colin Brunelli 1st Gup TBC

Daniel Bielov 8th Gup TBC

Daniel Kuzmanov 7th Gup TBC

David Prikop L5 December 2021

Dylan Padmore CDB October HC 2021

Elizabeth Larrue - Baulch 2nd Gup October HC 2021

Elliott Marchais 3rd Gup December 2021

Elsa Lane 3rd Gup December 2021

Emilia Lachut Level 5 December 2021

Emilius Juktonis 6th Gup TBC

Emily Coles 2nd Gup TBC

Emily Furnell CDB TBC

Emma Brunelli 3rd Gup December 2021

Enzo Krasniqi 10th Gup December 2021

Euan Patel TBC

Evan Senevirathana 7th Gup December 2021

Fatima Jamil 10th Gup December 2021

Freddie Coles 2nd Dan TBC

Freddie Eldridge 9th Gup December 2021

Freya Pendleton 3rd Gup TBC

Gianluca Todisco TBC

Hannah Bahri TBC

Hansika Kakumani 4th Gup TBC

Hari Bola 1st Gup December 2021

Haris Ayub 8th Gup TBC

Harry Bruce 10th Gup December 2021

Harry Fish CDB December 2021

Harry Vytheeswaran 3rd Gup TBC

Henry Attoe 8th Gup TBC

Henry Carpanen Brown TBC

Henry Emery Gibson 6th Gup December 2021

Himaya Sethia 7th Gup TBC

Ilyias Zaman 7th Gup December 2021

Isha Umasankar 5th Gup December 2021

Ishaan Gavini 6th Gup TBC

Ismail Zaman 1st Gup TBC

Ivonnya Senevirathana 7th Gup TBC

Jacek Kotarski 9th Gup December 2021

Jakub Bus 8th Gup December 2021

Jakub Watroba 1st Dan July 2022

Jannat Alamu Level 4 December 2021

Jason Au 2nd Dan TBC

Jo Coles 3rd Gup December 2021

Joven Mah Gruhier 9th Gup December 2021

Julie Rocha 5th Gup December 2021

Junxi Ji 8th Gup December 2021

Justin Lowe 3rd Dan TBC

Kaan Baskoy 1st Gup TBC

Kairo Hay 9th Gup December 2021

Kamran Cathcart 10th Gup December 2021

Kamran Hafeez 3rd Dan December 2021

Katie Spencer 10th Gup December 2021

Kawai Au 3rd Dan TBC

Kenon Wanninayake TBC

Kenzo Khan TBC

Kris Mohan 4th Gup TBC

Lakshman Rajakumaar 6th Gup TBC

Luckshan Ramesh 9th Gup TBC

Lauchlan Ruffle 3rd Gup TBC

Lavann Sri TBC

Laylah McArthur TBC

Liang You 2nd Gup December 2021

Malaika Arshad 9th Gup December 2021

Manasvi Porwal L5 December 2021

Marcel Baranowski 5th Gup December 2021

Marcus Loh 7th Gup TBC

Maria De Leon 2nd Dan July 2022

Maria Holyoak 8th Gup October HC 2021

Matthew Lubwana 9th Gup December 2021

Meha Nathwani 2nd Dan TBC

Mehmet Cicek 10th Gup December 2021

Meryem Yildiz 10th Gup December 2021

Mikey Lowe 2nd Dan TBC

Mubashir Arshad 9th Gup December 2021

Mugdha Deshpande 3rd Gup December 2021

Muizz Gulzar TBC

Nicholas Odeide 2nd Gup TBC

Nicholas Rocha 6th Gup December 2021

Nikki Mohan CDB TBC

Noah Pendleton 1st Dan July 2022

Oliver Heresh 5th Gup TBC

Peter Furnell 2nd Dan July 2022

Prayan Sharma 2nd Dan TBC

Prisha Garg TBC

Priya Bola 5th Gup December 2021

Qasim Choudry 3rd Dan TBC

Ralph San Level 5 December 2021

Rishabh Pradhan TBC

Rishith Kothapalli 7th Gup December 2021

Rohan Patel 5th Gup TBC

Rudy Gager 8th Gup December 2021

Ryan Barron CDB TBC

Saanvi Mattu 6th Gup TBC

Safa Hussain 2nd Dan TBC

Saigeetha Mogali 7th Gup TBC

Samuel Lee TBC

Savar Dalal 9th Gup TBC

Sebastian Heitz CDB TBC

Shriyan Makwana TBC

Shokhrukh Akhmedov 9th Gup December 2021

Sophia Nedeltchev 5th Gup December 2021

Stanislaw Grzedzicki 3rd Gup TBC

Sujal Naik 6th Gup December 2021

Taybah Zaman 1st Gup TBC

Thomas Wallis TBC

Thomas Tan Tian Hao 7th Gup December 2021

Thulasika Vasanthan Level 5 December 2021

Timothy Lowe 2nd Dan TBC

Triaan Ramkorun 10th Gup December 2021

Varnan Subramanian 10th Gup December 2021

Ved Nair TBC

Vedaanth Peddinti TBC

Vedant Jayaraj TBC

Victor Nedeltchev 5th Gup December 2021

Vivaan Remella Level 5 December 2021

Yash Nadhavajhala TBC

Yavuz Tokus 9th Gup October HC 2021

Yohaan Davies TBC

Zahra Choudry 1st Gup October HC 2021

Zakaria Syed 1st Dan July 2022

Grading Fees & Equipment Required


Level 1,2,3,4,5 Grading cost £12

+ Head Guard at Level 5 - See Kit Store

10th Gup Grading cost: £20

       +  Head Guard - See Kit Store

9th Gup Grading cost: £20 

+ TEMAS Badge - See Kit Store

8th Gup Grading cost: £20

     +  Sparring Pads (Full set required) - See Kit Store

7th Gup Grading cost: £20

6th Gup Grading cost: £30

       + Bo Staff / Bo Staff Case - See Kit Store

5th Gup Grading cost: £30 

4th Gup Grading cost: £30

3rd Gup Grading cost: £30

2nd Gup Grading cost: £40

      +  Wooden Dagger (Tanto) - See Kit Store

1st Gup Grading cost: £40

CDB Grading cost: £40

     +  Nunchaku - See Kit Store

Black Belt Interim Assessments: £8


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Grading Booking Form