Late Collection Fee

1 - 5 Minutes: £1
6 - 10 Minutes: £2
10 - 15 Minutes £5
16 - 30 Minutes: £10
31 - 60 Minutes: £20
Regularly struggling to collect on time? Why don't you appoint another parent from the same class that your child attends to be a named guardian, responsible for holding onto your child?
We are sorry to say that Texting us to say that your child can wait on their own at the gate or walk home is NOT PART OF A CHILD SAFEGUARDING POLICY THAT SHMA'S ADHERES TO. We require 24 hrs notice in writing, either handwritten or email that you give permission for your child to leave the school premises unattended. 
Late collection fees are required to be paid in full before your next class.
All information provided on this website is provided in good faith. Occasionally information may become out of date. We celebrate the successes of our students and assistants, 
  and include images of them on our website, adhering to our student safety policy. If a parent requests an image to be removed from the site, we will do this without delay.
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THE SHMA Phone Number  07714 425883 is only to be used for in-class on the day Illness, collection changes or to access the building. 
 Please use the Contact Us form for all other communication.