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Head Guard

Red/Blue/Black/ White


Hand Guards 

Red/Blue/Black/ White


Muscle Roller


SHMA Black Belt Uniform

140/150 cm: £42

160/170 cm: £45

180cm+ £50

Bo Staff 




Junior Large /Adult Small-Medium



Mouth Guard

Various Colours 


Safety Nunchaku


Speed Nunchaku


SHMA Uniform & Belt

110 - 140m: £28

150cm - 180m: £30

190cm - 210cm £34

Please state your size on order (150/160etc)

 Foot Guards 

Red/Blue/Black/ White


Shin Guards

Red/Blue/Black/ White


Bo Staff Case




Trousers White / Black Belt

100 - 130cm: £9 / £20

140 - 200cm: £12 / £22

Holiday Camp Trousers


Duffle Bag


TSD Ninja T'Shirt


Junior's 7-8/8-9/9-10 Yrs

Hoodies (Out of Stock)


Kids Stock Clearance 


Please Email for the Full PDF

Nunchaku Case


Karate Hoodie


Junior Large / Adult S,M,L


Safety Pads Set

Red/Blue/Black/ White


Xsmall & Small £55

Medium & Large £65

SHMA Black Kick T'Shirt


Junior's 8-9/9-10/10-11 Yrs

Coloured Belts / Black Belt

£4 / £12

Junior Groin Guard


Barrel Bag


Tahn Bong (Short Stick)


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