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Coronavirus Safety

  • All SHMA students who attend a DIRECT AFTER SCHOOL CLASS (only for the school students)  do not need to wear a face mask,  do not need to wear gloves or bring a mat. You are required to wear clean indoor trainers/plimsoles.
  • All SHMA students (9 Yrs+) who attend A weekday class that STARTS AFTER AFTER 4 PM and any WEEKEND CLASS are REQUIRED to wear a face mask into the class and during certain class training. Students are also required to wear gloves and indoor trainers/plimsoles.
  • All persons (9 Yrs+) collecting from the sports hall car park sports doors are STILL REQUIRED to wear a mask. This is to reduce the "chance" of passing on the virus in the smaller collection point with students from different schools. SHMA RESERVES THE RIGHT TO MANDATE THE WEARING OF A FACE MASK TO ANY PERSON(S) WHEN ON ANY PART OF THE SCHOOL GROUNDS AT ANY TIME.
  • We aim to continue regular sparring in all direct afterschool classes from September 1st.
  • Students will be offered the opportunity to make direct contact (*with mask & gloves) in partner work to all students who provide a 30 minutes prior to class negative flow test.
  • Fully vaccinated persons will be able to work together mask-free if *both partners agree and both have provided the required negative flow test.
  • Students will also be offered the opportunity to spar in classes wearing a mask*.
  • All students are asked to wash their hands prior to starting class.
  • All students attending an after 4 pm/weekend class are asked to bring in their own hand sanitizer.
Booking & Rebooking a class
  • SHMA Members are given 2 weeks before the general opening of the new term bo0king to book the same class they are already in or change classes if there is a space in the requested class. Click Classes, fill out the online booking form and pay the term fee to the regular SHMA account using your member's number within the 24hr booking period to secure your booking.
  • New students may book a class when the Red only members may book tag has been removed from the full class schedule booking page. Click Classes, fill out the online booking form, and SHMA will confirm your booking, provide you with a new member's number for payment reference provide the online banking details. Payment is required within 24 hrs of SHMA emailing confirmation of your being received and accepted.

Drop off, Collection & Student Release

  • Our full class schedule shows the drop-off and collection times for each class.

  • SHMA has a Late payment policy for all students. You are allowed 1 free up to 5 minutes late per family per term.

  • If the Class Instructor is remaining on-site to teach further classes our late fees are listed:

        Up to 5 minutes £1 /  6 - 10 minutes £2 / 10 - 15 minutes £3 / 16 - 20 minutes £5 / 21 - 30 minutes £10 / 31 - 60 minutes £20

  • If the Class Instructor is not staying on-site, SHMA has an afterschool deposit program with both the Avenue and Homefield schools whereby the school takes responsibility for the student and the school will charge you the afterschool club holding rate.

  • If you are going to be late collecting your child and you are able to have another parent collect your child you are required to TEXT or EMAIL SHMA or phone the school. We are not permitted to release a student without these listed methods.

  • You can email SHMA a second person designated collector for your child for the term or give us permission to release the student so that they may leave the school grounds alone or be collected by a sibling under 11 Yrs old. 

  • Homefield students are given early release if required to "catch" the school bus.

Zoom Code
  • The Zoom code can be found under the member's section. 
Class Change
  • We understand that classes may suddenly clash with a new club that you have joined after booking your SHMA class. We allow students to change a class during the term if: the student's age and grade are sufficient to join the class & there is space in the class for the student to join.
  • Students joining a higher fee-paying class are required to pay the class difference.
  • Students joining a lower fee-paying class are not refunded the difference.
  • We allow one free change of class per term, then £3 per change thereafter.
Membership/Members Area
  • SHMA does not charge a membership fee.
  • To access the member's section you need to click members and request membership login access
  • SHMA admin may take up to 48 hrs to respond to your request.
Snacks & Drinks
  • One small healthy snack may be brought to all direct after-school classes which must be within the food guidelines of the school and the SHMA after-school food guidelines (listed below).
  • Water is the only drink allowed at an afterschool class.

  • ​We check all snacks/drinks given at every class for student safety / School venue regulations and remove any food that is not within the above guidelines.

  • Please keep all margarine & butter to a minimum; Master Carmichael will not be able to work closely with any student and may become violently sick if she can smell these on a student's uniform, hair, or hands.

  • Holiday Camp food & drink guidelines can be found under the Holiday Camp section 

Uniform & Belt

  • New students may wear their school PE kit for their first term of training.

  • On a student's second term, they are required to wear a SHMA uniform with the SHMA backpatch and the Korean and United kingdom flags displayed on the sleeves. All SHMA uniforms come with these 3 patches as standard and a white belt.

  • Uniforms can be purchased from the SHMA Website shop.

  • The TEMAS patch (Orange badge) is brought when students grade for the 10th Gup (Yellow Belt) and should be sewn onto the uniform to signify the student has entered the SHMA-TEMAS system. 

  • Uniforms should be washed at a low temperature (under 40 degrees) and never tumble-dried. This will avoid shrinkage. The belts should always be hand washed separately to avoid colour run.

  • Once you have washed your uniform we ask that you then tailor the uniform to the student's size (Trouser &  Jacket Cuffs); a little trick to get more time out of the trousers is to roll the waistband once or twice before sewing the trouser hems.

  • Uniforms should be washed regularly to maintain hygiene both for the student and their class partner.

  • Uniform Trims are presented to students upon reaching 6th Gup (Green), 4th Gup (Blue)  & 2nd Belt (Red) and we ask that these are sewn on within 6 weeks of presentation of grade.

  • Black Belt Candidates (CDB'S) are required to remove their red uniform trim upon promotion; this signifies the return to basics in preparation for Black Belt.

  • Black Belt Students require black trim on the lapel, cuffs, and around the bottom edge of the uniform top. This trim represents the burden of responsibility they hold for their thoughts and actions.

Catch-Up Classes

  • Catch-Up classes are classes that you have missed during the term through sick days, School Matches, etc. All Catch-Up classes must be caught up during the current training term.

  • Catch-Up classes cannot be carried over to the new term or used for any class other than the regular term scheduled class booked.

  • Students who attend an *In-Venue Class may attend another suitable in-venue class or may Catch-Up via Zoom.

  • Zoom Students may not be able to Catch-up in an *In - Venue class due to In Venue numbers and may need to wait until a monthly Zoom Catch-Up Class has been scheduled.

  • Should SHMA cancel a class within 4 weeks of the end of the term you are given 4 weeks of the new term start date to use this Catch-Up.

  • All Catch-Up Classes must be booked using the Contact Us form of this website and we suggest that you book the class required at least 3 days prior to the requested class so that we can answer your Contact Us and confirm your booking. 

  • Students not permitted to attend an In-Venue class due to not bring the required face mask & Clean indoor training shoes required during our Coronavirus safety protocols may not be able to attend an *In-Venue Catch-Up class, but may Catch-Up Via Zoom.

Membership & Insurance

  • All Martial Artists need a minimum 3rd party insurance. SHMA insurance will allow you to attend any SHMA sanctioned event (Training, Testing Clinics, Competitions, Holiday Camps, etc). 

  • Students are not permitted to attend any class or event without current SHMA insurance. 

  • OUR Insurance prices are listed below:

      £6 per year (September 1st - August 31st) 

      £5 (January 1st - August 31st)

      £4 (April 1st - August 31st)

      1st Sibling discount 10%  / 2nd & 3rd sibling discount 15%

Calendar, Term & Event Dates 

  • All SHMA Term dates and event dates (Holiday Camps, Competitions, Clinics, gradings) can be found on our Website Calendar.

  • SHMA term dates may differ from the school calendar term dates.

  • We use a traffic light system for our calendar:

       Red = All Classes Cancelled.

       Orange = 1 or more class times have been adjusted for the day.

       Green = No Changes to the regular schedule

  • We also have a few other colours:

        Blue = No Scheduled Classes​

        Black = Black Belt Events

        Pinks/Purples for Student events (Holiday camps, clinics, competitions, etc).

  • We ask that you check the calendar regularly to avoid missing out on key class/date information; also a group email from us informing you of a change may have gone into your junk box. 


Safety Kit Required & When

  • Headguards: Upon promotion to Level 5 / 10th Gup

  • Groin Guards (males only): Upon Promotion to 8th Gup - We recommend all males to wear a groin guard in class for sparring practice at all times.

  • Sparring Protection (Shin Guards, Hand & Foor Guards): Upon Promotion to 8th Gup - We recommend all students to wear a full set of Sparring Protection Pads in class for sparring practice at all times.

  • Forearm Guards: Not required as standard but recommended for sparring and Ill Soo Sik at Intermediate Grade.

  • Students may buy any of the above kit at any time before the required grade as this will improve confidence in the sparring aspects of class training.

When do I Grade

We are always in the act of becoming the belt that we are wearing. Once you have acquired the skills at a belt level or rank,
your class instructor will recommend you for advancement to your next grade.
Students returning to SHMA after a 15-18 month Covid break will be reduced one belt grade (10th Gup - Level 5 / Orange Stripe - Orange Belt etc) to regain the necessary syllabus knowledge; these students will be invited to regrade for their rank at the next main grading providing they have met the skill requirements.

Levels 1-5

  • Levels are in-class Level belt award-Gradings presented to the younger students, usually, 4-6 yrs at the end of each school term. Students may be presented a Level award, 1 - 5  at the end of term depending on their progress through the required Level award syllabus techniques. The student's class teacher will decide on the Level award to be presented; this is dependent on a number of factors:
  • Student's consistent positive class behaviour
  • Student's class effort level
  • Student's ability to perform all the required techniques
  • Student's attendance during the term.
  • Student's home practice

Gup's, CDB's & Black Belt's

  • Gradings are an important exercise in performing what you have learned for your current rank. It is not only a test of your memory and technical skills, but a vehicle to measure personal achievement and effort. In addition, Grading builds self-confidence by working in front of an audience and in a group.
  • Gup & CDB ranks are markers on your journey to becoming a Black Belt. Each grade/age-specific program has requirements in order to be able to progress to the proceeding ranks.  Grading cycles vary for each student depending on a number of factors:
  • The speed of concepts grasped & the technical performance
  • Practice through regular class attendance and home practice
  • Class behaviour, spirit, focus & attitude
  • The achievement of the minimum lessons attended & the minimum time required between gradings - these minimum times can be viewed on the grading syllabus cards.
  • All students grade through all the ranks individually from 10th Gup - 1st Dan; students are not permitted to jump grades and all students will be advised of their grading readiness & will be invited to attend the next scheduled testing by their Class Instructor. Students can view their invitation to grade date under the student grading list section.​ 
  • Students can advance through the grades at a faster rate by attending clinics and Holiday Camp Weeks.
  • SHMA has made Zoom training a viable platform in which to train and develop and we have seen the advancement of students, however, Zoom should be used as an addition to in-class training whenever possible, especially students reaching Intermediate/Advanced belt levels. In-class training aspects increase the student's ability to fully comprehend the technique application with a training partner.  Speed, power, timing & confidence increase with an APPLIED understanding of Martial Arts when adjusting to partner size, speed of attack & Style of Attack, etc.
  • At this time SHMA permits all students to train and grade through the Zoom platform up to and including Cho Dan Bo. Students who are scheduled to grade for black belt are required to train in class whenever possible and use Zoom to supplement and assist with in-class training. CDB & Black Belt Students who are not training in class may be required to postpone a Pre-Scheduled Black Belt Examination until such a time that the student does return to in-class training. CDB requirements will adjust to the Black Belt in-class training requirements when the Lockdown eases further.  This in-class training requirement is to maintain the integrity of the necessary requirements of the Martial Arts & Tang Soo Do. 
All further information re your grade, student grading date list, grading booking form, etc can be found under the member's section of our website.



  • We are currently reviewing certificates as standard at each belt.

  • Certificates are awarded for Yellow Belt, Green belt, Red Belt, CDB & Black Belt

  • We have a backlog of certificates to training members to organize - we are organizing and hope to have these for December 2021.

  • We are looking into the new Handbook having a grade awarded box with Master Instructors Martial Art Chok. 

SHMA Admin

  • We aim to reply to you within 24hrs but during busy times (Gradings, 1st week back, etc) we may take a little longer than we would like.

  • Most questions you have can be answered by looking at the calendar or the Q & A section of our website and will save you checking your inbox for a reply from us.

  • Admin is usually closed from Saturday 2 pm until Monday morning.

  • We ask that you use the contact us form on our website to ensure we receive your email and it does not go to our junk box or we ourselves junk due to unusual email names that appear spam mails.

Student Safeguarding

  • Master Faith Carmichael is the DESIGNATED LEAD SUPPORT OFFICER for SHMA. 

  • Master Carmichael's Continuous Professional Development Specialising in Education & Student Protection are listed below:

  • Promoting Positive Behaviour (NS Academy)

  • Teaching Assistant: Level 2 Diploma​ (NS Academy) 

  • Child Protection in Sport (NS Academy)

  • Mental Health Awareness: Certificate (NS Academy) 

  • Mental Wellbeing in Children & Young People: Certificate (NS Academy)

  • Special Educational Needs & Disability: Level 2 & 3 Diploma (NS Academy)

  • The Prevent Agenda: WRAP (Gov.)

  • Safeguarding Children & Young People: (COGNUS)

  • First Aid: (SJA)

  • DBS: (MCP: Avenue Academy School)

  • Special Educational Needs: Advanced Diploma (NS Academy)

  • Advanced Sports & Exercise Nutrition Advisor (HS Academy)

  • Child Protection in Schools: (NSPCC)

  • Child Protection in Sport: (NSPCC)

We ask that any person who needs to discuss any aspect of any student safeguarding email Master Carmichael directly (

Master Carmichael will in probability contact the school safeguarding team of the school that the student attends to declare a student safeguarding concern.  If you feel that your concerns are of high priority and you cannot wait for an email reply WE ASK THAT YOU DIRECTLY & IMMEDIATELY CONTACT THE SCHOOL, A NATIONAL BODY (NSPCC, CHILDLINE ETC), OR THE POLICE.


  • All complaints will come to SHMA / Master Carmichael who will converse with you via email regarding your concerns.  Should your concern be the safeguarding of a child (see above) then please do copy in the school if you feel this is appropriate that the school be involved. If your complaint is financial (refunds etc) the complaint will be dealt with by Master Carmichael as the Chief instructor of SHMA. 

  • SHMA asks that you read our Terms and Conditions before booking any class or event - our T's & C's will take 1-2 minutes to read and if you have any questions of understanding please contact us to assist you.

  • SHMA will be appointing a second person to view complaints from September 2022. We will inform you in this section who the person is and how to contact them in due course.

                                                                         Question not answered? please email us so that we can add it this page.