Drop off & Collection
​Every class has a designated drop-off and collection time; please adhere to these drop-off & collection times which are posted on the full class descriptions, especially during this Coronavirus period.
Students running late may enter the class (up to 15 minutes lateness permitted) but must wait until after the finishing class has exited the building. The collection times for the following class in training is posted on the full class description page.
Any student who does not adhere to these times/rules may be suspended from all classes without a refund. Everyone's safety from the Coronavirus is paramount and we ask you to simply, BE PATIENT & USE COMMON SENSE. 
We do understand that sometimes late collections cant be helped but SHMA does issue a late collection fee as standard; late collection causes the following class in training to be disrupted and may we may need a class assistant to stay later than scheduled.
Late payment fees are required to be paid before any student may continue training. 
The late payment fee structure is as follows:
11 - 20 minutes £5 / 21 - 3o minutes £10 / 31 - 60 minutes £20
Late collections that stop an instructor from teaching a Private lesson will be charged the full Private lesson booking cost (£20/30 minutes, £30/45 minutes & £40/60 minutes).
We are not charging a 1-10 minute late collection fee at this time to assist with social distancing. Should Master Carmichael need to leave immediately at the end of class and the student has not been collected at the scheduled collection time, the Student will be sent to the school after school club and the parents will be charged the school after school club fees. 
Why don't you allocate a school/class friend's parents as a holder for you?

All information provided on this website is provided in good faith. Occasionally information may become out of date. We celebrate the successes of our students and assistants, 

  and include images of them on our website, adhering to our student safety policy. If a parent requests an image to be removed from the site, we will do this without delay.

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THE SHMA Phone Number  07714 425883 is only to be used for in-class on the day of Illness, collection changes or to access the building. 
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