White Belt (No formal Rank)

Level 1 (White Belt with a Yellow Block) (No formal Rank) 

Level 2 (White Belt with an Orange Block) (No formal Rank)

Level 3 (White Belt with a Green Block) (No formal Rank)

Level 4 ( White Belt with a Blue Block) (No formal Rank)

Level 5 ( White Belt with a Red Block) (No formal Rank)

Yellow Belt (10th Gup)

Yellow Belt with a White Stripe (9th Gup)

Orange Belt (8th Gup)

Orange Belt with a White Stripe (7th Gup)


Green Belt (6th Gup)

Green Belt with a White Stripe (5th Gup)

Blue Belt (4th Gup)

Blue Belt with a White Stripe (3rd Gup)


Red Belt (2nd Gup)

Red Belt with a White Stripe (1st Gup)

Red Belt with a White Stripe (Cho Dan Bo/Black Belt Candidate)

Black Belt (1st Dan)

Orange Belt (8th Gup)

All information provided on this website is provided in good faith. Occasionally information may become out of date. We celebrate the successes of our students and assistants, 

  and include images of them on our website, adhering to our student safety policy. If a parent requests an image to be removed from the site, we will do this without delay.

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