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Studio Rules

  • Show respect by bowing to Instructors and Black Belts.

  • Always address teachers by their titles (Sah Bum Nim, ma'am, sir).

  • Salute the flags and bow to Sah Bum Nim/Class Instructor upon entering the training area.

  • Remove shoes and wash your hands upon entering the training area.

  • Student mobile phones must must be put on silent on the instructor's table for safeguarding purposes.

  • All parent mobile phone/laptops etc must be kept on silent and kept in a bag for the entire time.

  • No eating or drinking is permitted in the training area with the exeption of water or (with permission) after school snack.

  • Keep uniform clean and presentable with the correct badges sewn on.

  • Students without the required SHMA uniform or school PE kit (See FAQ'S) are not permitted to train.

  • Studens without the required safety kit (See FAQ'S) will be sat out of the aspect of the lesson that requires these

  • Keep bags neat and tidy in the changing area, not blocking any fire exits.

  • No talking in the corridor whilst lining up for class or during drink breaks. 

  • No hats or hoods can be worn in the training area.

  • Hands cannot be in pockets in the training area.

  • Chewing gum is not permitted in the training area.

  • If you are late, enter the training hall and when ready wait by the side until the instructor invites you into the training area. 

  • Late students may be held in the waiting area or refused entry in the case of a testing.

  • Anyone who is not an active student cannot travel further than the entrance to the training area. They may request to use the toilets and will be escorted.

  • Observe the SHMA Code of Conduct of Tang Soo Do at all times.

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