Holiday Camp Kit List
Required at Holiday Camp
  • SHMA Members: Uniform, Belt, Weapons & Sparring Pads
  • NEW Student: Sportswear (Jog bottoms/Leggings/Shorts & T'Shirt)
  • All Students: Sweatshirt or Longsleeved T'Shirt.
  • All Students: Clean Indoor Trainers/Plimsolls & Socks. 
  • All Students: Outdoor Trainers/Plimsolls/boots & Socks.  
  • All Students: 2 - 4 Snacks & Lunch (if FD/EFD booking).
  • All Students: Water in a reusable water bottle.
  • All Students: Sunscreen if April/July/August.
  • All Students: Sun Cap/Hat if April/July/August.
  • All Students: Winter Hat/Gloves/if October/February/April.
  • All Students: Change of clothes for water games in the Summer
  • All Students: Change of clothes for wet weather in the Winter.
Kit not brought to camp, that is required for Martial Art training, sports games or free time
 may cause the student to be sat out of specific activities. 


Not allowed at Holiday Camp
  • Nuts/Nutella/snack bars with Nuts
  • Fizzy Drinks(Coke etc.)
  • Football Kit/Football Tops
  • Jeans/Jean Shorts
  • Ipads/Tablets etc.

We Will Charge You​
  • £1 Per Day, Sun Screen application 
(You email SHMA or send us a contact us form on the day
of camp that you have applied an all-day sunscreen).
  • £1 per bottle of water.
  • Late collection fee (Holiday Camp T's & C's page​).

We Will
  • Keep student Mobiles on arrival.
We ask you to please
  • ​Keep any "happy food" to a reasonable amount - 1 chocolate bar & or 1 packet of crisps per day
  • No family size bags of sweets
  • Provide your child with more snacks than you usually give (they like to graze frequently!).
  • Bring any medicines in a named, Zip Locked Bag with a written note clearly indicating the medicine use /times to give/amount to give /consent to give.
  • Bring Asthma Inhalers

Birthday on Holiday Camp
  • Let us know on your booking form!
  • you can buy cupcakes to share (to blow out a candle)
  • You may send in sweets/chocolates to hand out (to take home)
Any questions please email before the start of the camp day

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  and include images of them on our website, adhering to our student safety policy. If a parent requests an image to be removed from the site, we will do this without delay.
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