Holiday Camp Kit List

Students are required to wear their Sports kit to class and change into their Uniform when asked 

Required at Camp

  • All SHMA Members: Uniform, Belt, Weapons & protective pads (Sparring Pads TBC).

  • All NEW Students: Sportswear (Jog bottoms/Leggings/Shorts & T'Shirt).

  • All Students: Sweatshirt or Long-sleeved T'Shirt.

  • All Students: Clean Indoor Trainers/Plimsolls & Socks. 

  • All Students: Outdoor Trainers/Plimsolls/boots & Socks.  

  • All Students: 4 - 6 Snacks & Lunch (if staying full day). 

  • All Students: Water in a reusable water bottle.

  • All Students: Sunscreen/Sun Cap if April/July/August.

  • All Students: Winter Hat/Gloves/if October/February/April.

  • All Students: Change of clothes (trousers, socks & top) for water games in the Summer

  • All Students: Change of clothes (trousers, socks & top) for wet weather in the Winter.

Kit not brought to camp, that is required for Martial Art training, sports games or free time  may require hat the student to miss the activities that require the specific kit

Not allowed at Holiday Camp

  • Nuts/Nutella/snack bars with Nuts

  • Fizzy Drinks (Coke etc.)

  • Football Kit/Football Tops

  • Jeans/Jean Shorts

  • Ipads/Tablets etc.

Student mobile Phones will be kept in the Admin box for the day

We Will Charge You​

  • 50p Per Day, Sun Screen application

 (if you forget to text us or sign the " I applied Sunscreen at home" form or send sunscreen in with your child)

  • £1 per bottle of water (refills free!)

  • Late collection fee: 6:05 - 6:15pm £3 / 6:15 - 6:30pm £1o / 6:30 - 7pm £20

We ask you to please

  • ​Keep any "happy food" to a reasonable amount - 1 chocolate bar & or 1 packet of crisps per day

  • No family size bags of sweets

  • Provide your child with more snacks than you usually give (they like to graze frequently!).

  • Bring any medicines (including Asthma Inhalers etc) in a named, Zip Locked Bag 

    with a written note clearly indicating the medicine use /times to give/amount to give /consent to give.

Need more Kit Advice?

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