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Jo , 2020

Speaking personally, my son Henry absolutely loves your classes and what he learns in lessons has a positive effect on other areas of his life, such as focus and discipline.  He is loving the challenge of progressing through the belts.


I also think that what you've done over the years and particularly during the pandemic to keep the classes going has been nothing short of amazing.  While the world was going mad you provided routine and consistency for your students, making a massive difference to both their mental and physical health.




Jack, 6 Yrs, 2020

    "Best Karate Class ever!"




Farah, ZOOM, 2020

"I just wanted to say a big thanks for facilitating these classes. They are helping Zayn immensely and he looks forward to Thursday especially for this class. Your class not only provides him with a skill but also a positive change in his confidence levels. He feels so proud after his class and shows off his new moves to his grandma over FaceTime". 




Tania, 2020

 "Just want to say a really big thank you to Ma'am at SHMA for the confidence and great respect that your Martial Arts teaches my son. He's been selected to be a part of a performing group based on his confidence, maturity for his age and respect he has towards his teachers and peers that they would like him to step up and be in the limelight. Something we never thought would be possible. Thank you for everything you do for our children".  

Anette, 2019

"My son Harrison came from school one day asking if he could join a Karate club (Snow Herons) – some of his friends were going to join and it would be the perfect opportunity to combine fitness and self-defense so it was a yes from me and off he went to school the next day ready to take his first lesson … (with my two other sons following suit very soon after).  Well 7 years later I am very happy to be writing this letter of recommendation, I know I could spend my whole time talking about how much all my boys have learned, how I have seen their self-confidence rise or about the lifelong friends, they have made and the confidence they have gained including dealing with all types of pressure inside outside of class – I could talk about the respect he has for not just Master Carmichael but for all the Adults and Students that they have trained with over the years and the pride they have including my oldest son when he became a black belt.

But what I do want to talk about even more is the respect I have for Master Carmichael not only as an instructor and a mentor for my three boys but her approach and technique to teaching and the way she is around the children.  So if you would like someone not to just teach your child Tang Soo do but become part of the Snow Herons family then I would defiantly recommend Master Carmichael."




Kamran, 15 Yrs, 2019

"I'm on my eighth year of Snow Herons Tang Soo Do and I highly encourage giving it a go. It has helped me with developing self-confidence, discipline, hand-eye coordination and more. The environment is safe as well as fun and the community is warm and welcoming; it is an amazing experience that will stay with you for years to come".              




Nikki, 2019

" This Karate group is great for children with special needs. My boys have attended the holiday club for a few years and really enjoy learning new moves and the art of Karate.


The staff are great with them."

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