Coronavirus / Covid-19 Understanding of

Adult Student / Parental Responsibility 

The World Health Organization has declared the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) A worldwide pandemic.
Due to the viruses' capacity to transmit from person to person through respiratory droplets, the government has set recommendations, guidelines, and some restrictions with which SHMA (the "organization" ) will comply.
In consideration of my participation in the organization, the undersigned acknowledges and agrees to the following:
I am fully aware that by physically attending the Organizations classes and personally participating in the Organizations activities I am exposing myself to injury or illness, including; but not limited to, Influenza, MRSA, and COVID-19.
I hereby understand and adhere to the following:
I have not experienced symptoms of fever, fatigue, difficulty breathing, or dry cough, or am I exhibiting any other symptoms relating to COVID-19 or any communicable disease within the last 14 days.
I have not, nor any member(s) of my household, broken any government rules or restrictions regarding the Coronavirus/ Covid-19.
I have not, nor any member(s) of my household, been diagnosed to be infected with the Covid-19 virus within the last 14 days.
I agree that by attending physical classes I take full responsibility to protect myself and all others from exposure to Coronavirus/Covid-19 when arriving, waiting, training, and departing from any and all venue areas.