Frequently Asked Questions
Class Booking
  • All bookings must be booked via our online booking form (Classes - Full Information). 
  • Students Booking Termly may book for the next term immediately after the half term (October, February & May); we hold the current SHMA training members places for the 2 weeks after the half term then we begin a 1st book system. Payment for Termly bookings is required within 48 hrs of SHMA accepting your booking application.
  • Students booking Monthly do not need to rebook each term. You are asked to email if you wish to change your regular attendance classes. Monthly booking students are required to pay (within 48 hrs) a full month security deposit which is held as your last month's payment ( July). Monthly payments are required to be paid on or before the 1st of the month for the coming month. Monthly Payments not received on time negate your SHMA insurance and students will not be allowed onto the training premises.

Collection Times & Late Collection Fee
  • Collecting your child late both disrupts the class in progress and often causes further Admin/Class assistant costs.
  • Every student is required to pay a late collection fee:  1st 5 minutes late of the term free! After that 1 - 5 Minutes: £1, 5 - 10 Minutes: £3, 10 - 15 Minutes £6, 15 - 30 Minutes: £10, 31 - 60 Minutes: £20. If your lateness causes an Instructor to cancel a private lesson, you will be charged the full cost of the missed Lesson. 
  • Late fees are required to be paid online or in cash within 24 hrs of the student's next class. We will refuse (as per our Tc's & Cs) to allow any student to a class who has not paid their late fee.
  • Intermediate & Advanced students are exempt from the late collection fee if a further class is in operation at the AVENUE school.
  • If you are regularly struggling to collect on time you could appoint another parent from the same class as a named student collector.
  • On the day changes to the collection should be made before the class starts to be sure that SHMA gets the message. We only accept a TEXT or EMAIL from a phone number or Email address we have registered with your booking form. After school parents can phone the school and they will notify us. In the past, we have had parents turn up and say "Bills" mum is running late and has just rung me and asked me to collect him or text messages saying "I'm in the car, just send Chuck to the gate". We understand that traffic sometimes causes hold-ups and ask that you aim to be at the collection point at the start of the collection times. 

Insurance & Membership

  • All insurance & Membership information can be found ......

Safety Equipment

SHMA requires All Students to have a Safety Headguard and a full set of Safety (sparring) pads at certain grades.
Safety Headguards:
  • These are required upon promotion to Level 5 (White Belt with a Red Stripe) or upon promotion to 10th Gup (Yellow Belt)
  • Safety Headguards may be purchased at any time before promotion to Level 5 or 10th Gup.

Catch - Up Classes

All information provided on this website is provided in good faith. Occasionally information may become out of date. We celebrate the successes of our students and assistants, 

  and include images of them on our website, adhering to our student safety policy. If a parent requests an image to be removed from the site, we will do this without delay.

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THE SHMA Phone Number  07714 425883 is only to be used for in-class on the day of Illness, collection changes or to access the building. 
 Please use the Contact Us form for all other communication.