Student Grading List

Students scheduled grading dates shown below are dependant on the student's continued training and the techniques known, maintained & improved.  Please book & pay for your grading and purchase any equipment required from our website shop.

Aarav Shah - 10th Gup TBC

Aarav Shanmuganathan  -  9th Gup June 2021

Aarush Shanmuganathan  - 2nd Gup June 2021

Abrar Ibn Rafiq - 9th Gup June 2021

Abhimanu Nair -  6th Gup June TBC

Adam Wiechecki  -  CDB June 2021

Aditya Ram  - 9th June 2021

Adya Ram  -  6th Gup June 2021

Aeshan Nakkanti  - 5th Gup TBC

Akif Kamran - 9th Gup June 2021

Aidan Barron  -  3rd Gup TBC

Alex Lachut -Level/Gup TBC

Alberto L-Baulch  -  4th Gup June 2021

Alex Phan   -  5th Gup June 2021 

Anna Rocha  - 9th June 2021

Anay Choubey  - 4th Gup June 2021 

Andrew Wilson  - 1st Gup TBC

Anmol Bhat Level/Gup TBC

Ansh Patel  -  9th Gup TBC

Arin Patil -Level/Gup TBC

Athav Malik  -  8th Gup June 2021

Avik Gupta  - 10th Gup June 2021

Aum Patel  -  2nd Gup TBC

Ben Fish   -  CDB June 2021

Billie Jones  -  6th Gup June 2021

Bode Alamu -  7th Gup TBC

Brandon Rrustemaj  - 4th Gup TBC

Charlie L-Baulch   -  8th Gup June 2021

Charlotte Arnold  -   6th Gup TBC

Colin Brunelli  -   2nd Gup TBC

Daniel Bielov    -  9th Gup June 2021

Daniel Kuzmanov   - 8th Gup TBC

David Prikop - Level/Gup TBC

Dylan Padmore   - 1st Gup April 2021

Elizabeth L-Baulch -  3rd Gup TBC

Elliott Marchais   -  3rd Gup TBC

Elsa Lane     -  3rd Gup TBC

Emilia Lachut -Level/Gup TBC

Emilius Juktonis   -  7th Gup TBC

Emily Coles    -  3rd Gup TBC

Emily Furnell     - 1st Gup June 2021

Emma Brunelli    -  5th Gup June 2021

Enzo Krasniqi - 10th Gup June 2021

Ethan Lloyd   -   5th Gup TBC

Evan Senevirathna  -  9th Gup June 2021

Freddie Coles  -  1st Dan June 2021

Freddie Eldridge - 10th Gup TBC

Freya Pendleton - 4th Gup June 2021

Gregory Chung   -  5th Gup TBC

Hansika Kakumani  - 5th Gup TBC

Hari Bola  -  1st Gup TBC

Haris Ayub  -   9th Gup  June 2021

Harrison Lloyd   -  Black Belt Tag Assessment June 2021

Harry Fish  - 1st Gup June 2021

Harry Vytheeswaran  -  3rd Gup TBC

Henry Attoe   -   9th Gup TBC

Henry Emery Gibson  -   7th Gup  TBC

Himaya Sethia  -   8th Gup June 2021

Ilyias Zaman    -  8th Gup June 2021

Ishaan Gavini   -   7th Gup June 2021

Ismail Zaman   -   1st Gup TBC

Ivonnya Senevirathna - 9th Gup TBC

Jacob Boyd   - 9th Gup TBC

Jakub Bus  - 9th Gup June 2021

Jakub Watroba  -  CDB June 2021

James Ambrose   -   9th Gup TBC

Jason Au    -  Black Belt Assessment June 2021

Jazib Ali Khan - Level/Gup TBC

Jiangbin Piao - Level/Gup TBC

Jo Coles    -  3rd Gup TBC

Joven Gruhier - Level/Gup TBC

Julie Rocha   -  5th Gup TBC

Junxi Ji   - 9th Gup June 2021

Justin Lowe   - 2nd Dan June 2021

Kaan Baskoy   -  2nd Gup TBC

Kamran Hafeez   -  3rd Dan June 2021

Kawai Au    - Black Belt Assessment June 2021

Kairo Hay - Level/Gup TBC

Kris Mohan  - 5th Gup TBC

Lakshman Rajakumaar   -   7th Gup June 2021

Lauchlan Ruffle  -  3rd Gup TBC

Liang You  - 3rd Gup TBC

Luca Toffanello  -  4th Gup TBC

Mahir Orik - Level/Gup TBC

Marcel Baranowski   -  6th Gup June 2021

Marco Toffanello   -   5th Gup TBC

Marcus Loh   -  8th Gup TBC

Maria De Leon    -  Black Belt Assessment June 2021

Maria Holyoak   -  9th Gup TBD

Mikey Lowe  - 1st Dan June 2021

Mugdha Deshpande  -   4th Gup April 2021

Nicholas Rocha   -   7th Gup June 2021

Nikhita Sathese - 7th Gup TBC

Nikki Mohan   - CDB TBC

Noah Pendleton  - CDB June 2021

Oliver Heresh  -   6th Gup TBC

Paul Zogbessou  -  5th Gup TBC

Peter Furnell   -  Black Belt Assessment June 2021

Prayaan Sharma   - 1st Dan  June 2021

Priya Bola     -  5th Gup TBC

Qasim Choudry   -  3rd Dan TBC

Rishith Kothapalli  -   7th Gup TBC

Rohan Patel   -  6th Gup June 2021

Ryan Barron    -  1st Gup June 2021

Rudy Gager - 8th Gup TBC

Saanvi Mattu - 7th Gup June 2021

Safa Hussain   -  Black Belt Assessment June 2021

Savar Dalal   - 9th Gup TBC

Sebastian Heitz   -  1st Gup June 2021

Sophia Nedeltchev    -  5th Gup TBC

Stanislaw Grzedzicki  -  5th Gup June 2021

Sujal Naik   -    6th Gup TBC

Svara Patel   -   3rd Gup June 2021

Taybah Zamen - 1st Gup TBC

Tasif Kamran - 7th Gup June 2021

Tim Lowe  - Black Belt Assessment June 2021

Thomas Hao - 8th Gup TBC

Thomas Wallis - Level/Gup TBC

Victor Nedeltchev   -  5th Gup TBC

Vivaan Remella - Level/Gup TBC

Yash Nadhavajhala   -   7th Gup June 2021

​Yavuz Tokus - Level/Gup TBC

Yeshwanth Kothapalli - Level/Gup TBC

Zakaria Hoque   -  6th Gup TBC

Zak Syed   -   CDB June 2021

Zara  Hafeez  - 3rd Gup June 2021

Zahra Choudry  -  1st Gup TBC

All information provided on this website is provided in good faith. Occasionally information may become out of date. We celebrate the successes of our students and assistants, 

  and include images of them on our website, adhering to our student safety policy. If a parent requests an image to be removed from the site, we will do this without delay.

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