1. Cannot attend the scheduled Grading date

   All students grading for 10th Gup - Black Belt are required to attend a grading session. Students Grading for intermediate - Black Belt are required

    to attend a scheduled hall grading. If you are unable to attend the scheduled gradings you have 4/5 options:

  • Book a private hall grading session - this will cost a  Private lesson fee + the grading cost. 

  • Book a Private Zoom Grading session - Only permissible for students grading for 10th - 7th Gup

  • Attend a scheduled Semi Private Grading Class - this will cost £10 +the grading cost.

  • Wait for the next scheduled quarterly grading.

  • Attend a SHMA Holiday Camp to grade during the week.

2. Viewing the grading

    Friends & family may attend all Gup & Cho Dan Bo gradings (December 2020 viewing may not be permitted this due to the Coronavirus).

3. Grading in the student's regular training class.

    Gradings are not held in a students regular training class for a number of reasons: Time constraints, School Heath & Safety/child safeguarding

     regulations, unfair to non-grading students & most importantly the grading is an achievement and a celebration with family in attendance.

4. New Equipment required

    We require you to purchase the equipment required for your next grades before the grading date. This gives SHMA time to order/bring the     

     equipment to the first available lesson so that the student may begin their new aspect of training as soon as possible. 

5. TEMAS (Orange)Badge

     The Educational Martial Arts System (TEMAS) badge is presented to the student upon passing their 10th Gup grading. This badge represents our     

     association within The Educational Martial Arts System.


7. Black Belt Certificates

     Black Belt certificates are presented after 1 yr of continuous training since the student passed their Black Belt Examination. Black Belt certificates

     are not given to any student, regardless of age or rank if training is not continuous or up to the required standard set by SHMA/TEMAS.

    Junior Black belts (under 16yrs) may apply via email to have a senior Black Belt certificate once they reach the age of 16 yrs. A Junior - Senior

    Black Belt certificate costs £12.