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Holiday Camp FAQ's

Q: When do we need to pay?

A: A 50% deposit is required by the end of the day of booking. Full payment required 72 hrs before the start of the camp week you have booked. Late payments will be charged our standard £3 Administration Fee.

Q: Can we add an early drop off / late collection / lunch?

A: Yes! Please see the holiday camp prices page.

Q: Can we drop off later than the scheduled drop off time & collect earlier than the scheduled collection time?

A: Yes! We do ask that you do try to attend as per the scheduled times to ensure the student does not miss out on specific sessions which may be tailored to a group or time, (sparring, board break, weapons, games etc)

Q: What happens if a student has an injury that will prevent attendance at camp?

A: All holiday camp bookings are non-refunderble unless the student has a diagnosed muscle or ligament tear then we will allow the camp transfer to another camp within a 12 month period.

Q: Can children who are not regular enrolled students of SHMA attend ?

A: Yes! 

Q: Can my child attend the holiday camp belt grading ?

A: Only students enrolled on the holiday camp week may attend a holiday camp grading. The students class instructor will inform you of the minimum required days/sessions required to grade. The amount is dependant on the students age, grade and regular class progression in readiness for the grading. 

Protective Headgear will be provided by SHMA for all new students to use each day.


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