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SHMA Chief Instructor Master Faith Carmichael

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Many of you often ask about Master Carmichael’s Martial Arts career and how she became the Founding Master and Chief Instructor of Snow Herons Martial Arts.

Master Carmichael began Martial Arts at the age of 14 when she took her first Judo lesson at the St Vincent Judo club,  in Hampshire. Being inspired by the focused training and camaraderie of the group,  an immediate life long journey had begun. 
Master Carmichael has trained with, and been guided by, Martial Artists worldwide, which has so far spanned 40 years.


Having trained in Judo, Shotokan Karate and Kungfu in variuos cities that Master Carmichael has resided in,  it was only natural that she continue training while working in the USA; and had the privilege and honour to continue Judo and add Tang Soo Do and Hapkido with Grandmaster Yong Man Lee in Connecticut, USA for 13 months in 1991-1992.  During these 13 months Master Carmichael competed in both USA regionals and Invitationals,  achieving a silver medal at the Connecticut State Judo Championships and gold medal and the Best Female Performance at Grandmaster Hwang's 1st Connecticut Taekwondo Invitational Championships.





Following Master Carmichael's return to the UK in 1992, she was awarded her Judo 1st Dan (1993) then returned to the USA for a further three months training with Grandmaster Yong Man Lee focusing on Tang Soo Do/Taekwondo for the upcoming

United Kingdom Tae Kwon Do British Nationals Team selections. Master Carmichael placed 2nd and was tilted British Team Reserve member.








Following this, Master Carmichael attended the 10 weeks summer camp training programme at the Yong-In university in South Korea. Master Carmichael trained with the Yong-In Taekwondo display team and the national Judo team members from South Korea, Japan, Vietnam & Taiwan.









































Master Carmichael continued Taekwondo in london (being awarded her Tae Kwon Do 1st Dan in 1997) until she moved to Surrey in 1998 and began attending a Tang Soo class with  Senior Master Nar and the International Martial Arts Association and has focused her Martial Arts on Tang Soo Do ever since.


Over the following 5 years and under the guidance of Senior Master Nar, Master Carmichael achieved the following:

-Tang Soo Dan 1st Dan (1998)

-First SHMA School in Merton Park (1998),

-The International Martial Arts Association British Championships Female Grand Champion (1999)

-The International Martial Arts World Championships Female Grand Champion (2000)

-The International Martial Arts Instructor of the Year (2000)

-Tang Soo Do 2nd Dan (2002)













In 2006, Master Carmichael took 8 of her students to the World Tang Soo Do Federation World Championships in California -returning with 7 World Champions, a World Grand Champion, and a spot on Children's BBC!

In order to complement her Martial Arts, Master Carmichael in 2006, enrolled in a BSc (Honours) in Sports Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention at Middlesex University.  During her 2nd year, Master Carmichael attended a Crossfit instructors training course in California.  Attending this course gave Master Carmichael the opportunity to meet Grandmaster Brian Manna and over the following 2 years attending classes with Grandmaster Manna; Master Carmichael became a direct student of Grandmaster Manna, and is a member of The Educational Martial Arts System (TEMAS). 



Grandmaster Manna, Senior Master Christopher Brandt and Senior Master Janet Manna have fully complemented SHMA in all aspects of the Martial Arts (mind, bod and spirit). Instructors and students have been able to attend Leadership programmes, USA Grandmaster seminars,  Zoom training and instructional classes and have been honoured to have hosted multiple UK seminars with Grandmaster Manna and the Senior Masters of TEMAS.



































Grandmaster Brian Manna

“I cannot express in words my gratitude to you for your inspiration in my life. Becoming your student has enriched my personal Martial Art path and in turn, guides my students. True Martial Artist 's inspires others. It is my honour to be under your guidance and the guidance of those inspired by you. I look forward to continuing on our shared path and thus sharing my wealth of your knowledge with my students."

Tang Soo!

Master Faith Carmichael

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