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The Educational Martial Arts System


Established in 1990. A Non-Profit Corporation for the Further Enhancement of the Arts

The Educational Martial Arts System, Inc.
(TEMAS) was formed with a vision of educating and sharing the benefits of the martial arts with those who train in the martial arts and with the community at large. The physical, mental and awareness skills gained from martial arts are proven to develop self-confidence, self-discipline and self-determination within an individual. These attributes strengthen character and promote leadership development. Learning to set personal goals, overcome challenges and carrying the lessons learned on the martial arts journey are steps toward success in life.

TEMAS continues to find and develop vehicles to share the benefits of the martial arts. To fund the work of TEMAS, donations will be from various sources. First from individual members, including students and instructors, who are already training and committed to join TEMAS. Public and private schools as well as community centers will also donate funds in exchange for martial arts training programs and the educational support that will be provided. Next from the community at large who will benefit from the educational programs and materials provided by TEMAS.

TEMAS will use all revenues for the support and maintenance of various educational products, programs and scholarships. These include the following:

  • Provide to those in financial need scholarships for martial arts tuition, attendance to annual camps and clinics.

  • Provide opportunities for students to earn junior and varsity letters in martial arts through The Varsity Martial Arts League (VMAL).

  • Extend community outreach enrichment programs at various locations such as public and private schools as well as recreation centers.

  • Enhance and set standards for the ranking system, forms and applications, protocol, safety and equipment.

  • Develop educational and training events including seminars, clinics and championships. This also includes self-defense and safety workshops for the general public.

  • Develop educational materials and outreach through social media outlets such as instructional DVDs, manuals and videos accessible through the internet.

    Services will be available to public and private organizations, whether for profit or not.

    The Board of Directors will be headed by persons of high integrity and experience, and will have the ability to contribute and further the efforts of TEMAS.

    With affiliations and programs both domestically as well as internationally TEMAS continues to grow and support local communities with contributions from both companies and individuals. No individuals draw a salary from TEMAS. All functions, events and communication are done with time and efforts donated by the community at large.

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