Fee Terms, Conditions & Discounts

  • All fees paid for any SHMA/TEMAS Event are non-refundable, nor transferable. At this time, students with a positive Covid-19 test result will be offered an additional catch-up period of 6 months.
  • Termly fee-paying students may catch up with missed classes during the term booked.  
  • SHMA reserves the right to cancel one class per full term without a refund. Students are requested to catch up with the canceled class within 12 weeks of the class cancellation date.  If after the 12 weeks the catch-up class has not been taken then the class may be voided.  During this coronavirus period, the catch-up class may need to be an online Zoom class. 
  • All In-Venue classes canceled due to government restrictions, school lettings closure, Instructor Isolation, etc. is an immediate training transfer to online Zoom without refund. The Zoom schedule should this occur can be viewed on the main classes page. Refunds to students booked into an In Venue Class can be requested after the 4 weeks of automatic non-refundable Zoom training. Students who do not request the In Venue - Zoom refund by week 6 will not be issued a refund and will have automatically been transferred to Zoom for the remainder of the term. Students who do not request a refund for week 5 will not receive a refund for that week.
  • Pupil Premium (Zoom & In Venue) students are required to provide SHMA with an email confirmation from the school prior to booking confirming that payment will be made directly to SHMA. 
  • We now offer a sibling discount/2nd class discount if added after the start of the term.
  • Students seeking a change of  Term class will be allowed one free change; additional changes will incur a £3 admin fee per change.
  • Students changing classes to a higher-priced class are required to pay the class difference x lessons left per term. Classes lower priced are not refunded. 
  • All students who book a PAYG Class or Clinic are required to pay the full class fee whether the student attends or not. All subsequent booked classes are suspended until the full fee has been paid. Missed classes through nonfee paying suspension are not part of a refund or catch-up system. 
  • All Martial Artists need a minimum 3rd party insurance. SHMA insurance will allow you to attend any SHMA sanctioned event (Training, Testing Clinics, Competitions, Holiday Camps, etc). Students are not permitted to attend any class or event without current SHMA insurance. OUR Insurance prices are listed below:
      £6 per year (September 1st - August 31st) 
      £5 (January 1st - August 31st)
      £4 (April 1st - August 31st)
      1st Sibling discount 10%  / 2nd & 3rd sibling discount 15%
Fee Discounts: September  2021 - July 2022 
1st student pays the full class price for their 1st lesson per week (£8/£8.50/£9/£12)
1st student pays £15 for 2 class per week (*includes after school class/**Does not include SPGL)
1st student pays £18 per week for 3 classes per week*/**
1st student pays £20 per week for 4 classes per week*/**
Note: The 2 lessons per week price is only for students booking 2 lessons at one booking; subsequent bookings are discounted at 10%
1st sibling pays £7/£7.50/£8/£12) for their 1st lesson per week
1st sibling pays £12 for 2 class per week */**
1st sibling pays £15 per week for 3 classes per week*/**
1st student pays £18 per week for 4 classes per week*/**
2nd sibling pays £5/£5/£5/£12 for their 1st lesson per week
21st sibling pays £10 for 2 class per week */**
£12 for 3 class per week */**
1st student pays £15 per week for 4 classes per week*/**
Students booking an SPGL£12 pay £7/£7.50/£8 for their 2nd class per week 
Students booking an SPGL£12 pay £5/£5/£5 for their 3rd class per week 
Siblings booking SGPL £12 do not receive a discount on the £12 class but 10% on the 2nd class.
At this time due to restricted class sizes, we are not offering new monthly payment schemes.
If you need help working out your fee discounts per term please Contact Us and we will assist you.