Frequently Asked Questions

We have started updating this page - please check back before the April 17th new term 

New Term Booking
  • All students (Termly & Monthly) are required to book/rebook via the website online booking form for each new term. Please visit our website page classes to view the full class listings with full information re class times, class grades or ages, and drop-off and collection times.

Class Kit Requirements April 17th - July 24th

All students 10th Gup (Yellow Belt) & above are required to wear and have the following 

EVERY after 6pm & Weekend IN VENUE CLASS 

  • SHMA Uniform, Head Guard & Grade Weapons

  • (All-female students require a white Vest or T'Shirt)

  • Mask & a spare Mask (SHMA Charges £1 per mask supplied)

  • Full Finger Gloves (SHMA Charges 50p per pair of gloves supplied) 

  • Martial Art Shoes / Trainers / Plimbsoles (all clean) with socks

  • Bath size Towel or Yoga matt for floor stretching


EVERY direct after school IN VENUE CLASS 

  • SHMA Uniform, Head Guard & Grade Weapons

  • (All-female students require a white Vest or T'Shirt)

  • Full Finger Gloves - winter woolly gloves best

(SHMA Charges 50p per pair of gloves supplied)

  • Martial Art Shoes / Trainers / Plimbsoles (all clean) with socks

  • Bath size Towel or Yoga matt for floor stretching


SHMA Uniform, Head Guard & Grade Weapons

(All-female students require a white Vest or T'Shirt)

Annual Martial Arts Insurance
  • All students are required to have martial arts training insurance.

  • This annual insurance is renewed at the beginning of the school year (September).

  • Insurance costs are Beginners £6 per year / Intermediates £7 per year / Advanced £8 per year.

  • Siblings pay £5 after the first person full price.

  • Insurances are non - refundable.

  • New students pay £3 (Summer Term start), £4 (Winter Term start), £5 (Autumn Term Start).

Uniform, Safety Pads & Sparring Kit 
  • All students are required to wear a SHMA Uniform (Do Bohk). These can be purchased from our website shop in the membership area. 

  • Students are allowed to train for one, or part of one school term without purchasing a SHMA uniform. Students attending direct afterschool classes are asked to wear their school PE kit. Students attending evening or weekend classes are asked to wear suitable loose clothing (Jogging bottoms/Leggings & a plain T-shirt. 

  • Students selected for a belt grading at the end of the first school term must purchase a SHMA in order to attend the belt grading.

  • Head guards are mandatory once a student grades for their 10th Gup (Yellow Belt) and can be purchased from our website shop when booking the belt grading. SHMA has set colours and style which must be complied with in order to comply with our Martial Arts Insurance. We recommend parents purchase the head guard when purchasing the uniform (if before a belt grading) to encourage the student to fully participate in all class activities (dynamic flexibility and kick height).

  • Sparring Kits* (Shin Guards, Hand & Footpads & a groin guard (males) are required once student grades for Orange belt (8th Gup)** in order to fully engage in the sparring practice. Students may only train in performance-based sparring practices (1-1/2-2 non-combative practice) without full safety pads.  Students wishing to train in controlled light - non-touch applied sparring practice must have the full set of sparring pads. * 16 yr + students are required to have a full safety kit upon grading for Yellow Belt (10th Gup). ** Sparring pads are NOT mandatory at this time due to the coronavirus and students not actively sparring in classes. We hope to resume sparring from September 2021 and all students Orange belt + will need to purchase the sparring kit when booking the new school term.

After School Snacks & Drinks
  • Students attending a direct after-school class are allowed to bring 1 healthy small snack in line with the food policies of both SHMA & the school attended.  

  • SHMA direct after-school food policies: No sweets, biscuits, chocolate, crisps, nut products, & soda. Snacks brought that do not comply with both SHMA and venue school food policies are discarded.

  • Also please note that Master Carmichael has an intolerance to the smell of margarine/butter and will often violently retch if your child has the smell of margarine/butter on their hands/face or uniform from their morning toast or afterschool sandwich etc. Please avoid using margarine/butter directly before / in class so that Master Carmichael may work closely with your child and not avoid them during the lesson!

  • Water is the only drink permitted at regular classes. SHMA does not always have access to a drinking water tap and we remind you to 1. refill your water bottle if attending a direct afterschool class & 2. check you have water prior to attending an evening/weekend class. Please note that SHMA will not train students who do not bring water to the class when temperatures are above 30 degrees to avoid any chance of dehydration. 

Class Schedule & Term Dates etc
  • All confirmed term dates and any event dates can be found on the SHMA website calendar.  SHMA may need to change a class due to an instructor sickness or venue hall difficulties etc. and we ask parents to check the calendar regularly to check that you have not missed an email with advance notice of a change of class time for the day. 

  • At this Coronavirus period please check the SHMA website prior to leaving home for an evening/weekend class in case your class instructor cannot attend a physical class or the venue is not available.

  • SHMA uses a traffic light system with the daily class information: 

Green = All as scheduled and no changes to any scheduled class.​

Orange = A change to a scheduled class of the day has been made.

Red = All classes have been canceled.

BLUE NSC = No Scheduled Classes.

  • SHMA does not run classes to the school venue timetable and our term dates will often differ from the venue's term dates. SHMA may also run evening and weekend classes on Inset days and holiday weeks.

Catch - Up Classes
  • Students who have missed classes may catch the missed classes during the term booked. No missed classes are carried over to a new term. 

  • Students may catch up missed classes ONLY ON ZOOM and at a class suitable to the student's age and or grade. The Contact Us form on the home page of our website should be used to book a catch-up class.  

  • SHMA (in our booking T's & C's) may cancel one class per term without refund in a reciprocal student missed class catch-up system. If SHMA Cancels a class with less than 4 weeks term remaining, students may catch up this class with 4 weeks of the new term.

All information provided on this website is provided in good faith. Occasionally information may become out of date. We celebrate the successes of our students and assistants, 

  and include images of them on our website, adhering to our student safety policy. If a parent requests an image to be removed from the site, we will do this without delay.

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THE SHMA Phone Number  07714 425883 is only to be used for in-class on the day of Illness, collection changes or to access the building. 
 Please use the Contact Us form for all other communication.