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The Educational Martial Art System

The Educational Martial Arts System, Inc. (TEMAS), a non-profit corporation, was established in 1990 for the further enhancement of the Martial Arts. TEMAS acknowledges martial art styles from around the world as well as the inherent cultural and historical differences. members of TEMAS are not bound by geography, organizational affiliations, or political associations. Instead, they are encouraged to keep an open mind and share in the differences, rather than make the styles unique, further enhancing the Martial Arts.
In continuing the enhancement of the Martial Arts, TEMAS will, on a qualifying basis, make available grants and/or scholarship funds exclusively to martial artists. Those individuals who have attained certain levels of excellence in their educational pursuits may apply for these types of financial aid. The rules, qualifications, and amounts for these grants and/or scholarships will be determined by the board of directors of TEMAS.
Unique to Martial Arts, TEMAS provides an unbiased opinion regarding the safety, durability, and effectiveness of all available Martial Arts equipment. These results are published for the benefit of both industry and users.
TEMAS operates solely through donations and fund-raising events. Donations are given from individuals, local and private schools, and businesses who are continued to the enhancement of the Martial Arts. TEMAS provides educational, tutorial, and training programs via instruction, DVDs, and software games. TEMAS has established a number of enrichment programs at community schools to instill not only defense skills but also the self-confidence, self-discipline, and respect that come with the Martial Arts. Many parents and teachers have attested to marked improvements in attitudes, grades, and basic learning skills for the students enrolled in our programs.