Uniform Markings & Appearance


Your Country National Flag (ex. GB) placed on the right sleeve below the shoulder seam

South Korean flag placed (red up) on the left sleeve below the shoulder seam.
The System Patch placed on the left chest from 10th Gup Certification
Your Studio Name printed logo on the back.
Junior Grade Black Belts are required to have a Junior Black Belt patch below the South Korean flag.


Black Belts may achieve an Assistant Instructor patch located below the South Korean Flag.
Black Belts may achieve an Instructor patch located below the South Korean Flag.




White and Orange belt holders will have no trim on their uniform top.
All other Gup belt holders will have the appropriate belt color trim on the lapel.
Cho Dan Bo belt holders will remove the red trim, symbolizing the return to basics in preparation for Black Belt.
Black Belt holders will have black trim on the lapel, cuffs and around the bottom edge of the uniform top.

This trim represents the burden of responsibility they hold for their thoughts and actions.


Uniforms should be appropriately fitting (tailored if required).

Uniforms must be clean and in a good state of appearance.