Walking with Giants

Grandmaster Brian Manna

Standing with Giants-Grandmaster Brian M


Course adjustments become the valued task of all captains at the helm. In the storm of the sea, the lightning in the sky and the tremble of the ground no one could see the impact of the storm at hand. Standing with Giants can make the obstacle appear less of a challenge, as all move in their manner yet with a common goal to be achieved.

Driven by the passion to succeed, the Giants attend to their tasks. First recognizing that we are a family of like-minded achievers. Supplying a service is what we do and who we are. Teaching in the face of adversity you can be successful. Even out in adversity comes the opportunity to learn and grow which promotes success. So, off we go!

A world pandemic became our worlds invisible obstacle, COVID-19.


As the Covid-19 took hold we applied ourselves to bring our service to “Your home from ours”. Our research was done within hours. Some studied the way (‘Do” in martial arts is the way) systems were implemented and logistics became the game board.

With the challenges that were at hand, support came from many people all in their places. In motion we take the time to value the flowing waters that carve the streams path, for it softens the feel of the river rocks yielding our journey without damage. Those that add water to the stream and support its natural energy are never overlooked. Another giant presented themselves with a single care, to see us continue to be able to nurture in our way.

Faith Carmichael has been in my tutelage for fifteen years, attending classes coming from London and has become my direct student. We found a strong, passionate, determined person who would add another piece to our already strong team. Through the years she has shown unmeasurable courage, great leadership, care and a large heart for all encountered. Faith was the first person to make a call and an unprecedented action of support on the evening that shelter in place was declared in the USA. A GIANT!

We stand as four. I stand with GIANTS!! There is no other way to explain the support and way (‘Do) it feels. Chris Brandt, Janet Manna, Faith Carmichael are Master Instructors in the martial arts and demonstrate the value and commitment to success daily.


Five weeks have passed as fast as the water in a stream at my feet. The view is much different than what was expected. Yes, my feet got wet and my body was chilled at first and then a fresh new energy awakened. All the Giants moved!

Study the Giants did: they learn about the streaming process, choose the appropriate broadcasting equipment, design the teaching environment and produce a schedule of training our family.

Acquire the Giants did: Their minds were deep in the books and online learning videos, they drive to San Francisco and back in a day with the equipment needed, families donated funds, a family painted the environment, a family installed electrical boxes, CAT5 lines were run, controlling tablets received, floors marked, scripts created and lighting in place.

All the while: We are one of the only martial arts schools that hold a School Age Day Care Licensed by the State of California Department of Social Service. We are running daily sports camps for the First Responders and Essential Workers. A special thank you to our staff here in support of those in need. The children are playing safely, taking online academic school classes, creating crafts and exercising.

At the end of the first week cycle we were ready to bring Manna’s Martial Arts online and to our families. “From Your Home to Ours.” At the onset we delivered our interactive classes 308 times in the remaining three days of March. The Giants reach their arms out in care to all and success happened.

As the stream continues to flow, in the first three and half weeks this month we have 1,668 individual household connections and class participation, not accounting for the second and third family members in class at the same time. That is Amazing! Our programs, model and loyalty of thirty five years are holding. This week we signed up two new members by way of interactive online classes. We are holding three classes a week across the pond (England), group and private. Also online with Kickboxing fitness, Life Skills and Leadership.


Stand with Giants! I DO!!

Understanding this challenge and learning our options was key. The words were warm the sentiment was real as Chris Brandt said: “There are no people that I would rather be with than you guys through this challenging time.” Spoken as a true Giant!

Giants: The people that have stand their ground in need and moved forward with precision when needed, passion in their way (“Do”) and shared goals.

We see that projecting classes is now a permanent part of our teaching, enabling us to reach those in travel, those in challenges and or a different stream. Our online curriculum is presented and taught by Giants and I remain proud of who they have become and the giving they provide for the growth of their community.

It is an honor and I am thankful to be able to share my thoughts about these amazing people. GIANTS!



Brian Manna
International Grandmaster Manna’s Martial Arts/President 12285B World Trade Drive
San Diego, CA 92128
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‘Standing With Giants‘ written 04/26/2020
Brian D. Manna Bio located online at: http://www.manna.us/grandmaster.html