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Safeguarding Children & Vulnerable Adults

Everyone shares the responsibility for safeguarding and creating a safe environment for everyone who participates in some aspect with Snow Herons Martial Arts; this may be as a student, a Class Instructor, a class assistant or guardian of a student.

Everyone should function within an accepted guided framework and demonstrate behaviour to both safeguard all students and protect all SHMA personnel from allegations of abuse or poor practice. 


Master Instructor Faith Carmichael

Snow Herons Martial Arts Chief Instructor & Founder

United Kingdom Educational Martial Arts System Regional Director

Martial Arts is an amazing training platform for all persons to develop a multitude of skills that not only helps students with their beginner goals of learning self-defence, fitness, flexibility and thus achieving the desired Blackbelt, but aiding students with social skills, confidence, personal discipline, respect, on task focus, leadership peer understanding and empathy towards each other; all of which will help them throughout their lives as a family member, spouse, friend, employee or employer. 
I have been training in Martial Arts for nearly 40 years and have watched many students become, not only talented Martial Artists but kind, focused & determined individuals who have learnt that their aims & goals are achievable.
At Snow Herons Martial Arts, we take this responsibility to continue the education of students and be a positive life experience with student support, welfare and wellbeing within our training environment to be of paramount importance.
Keeping Children Safe in Education with Safeguarding procedures will prevent problems arising and assure all involved that our Safeguarding Statement is to assist, guide and protect everyone within SHMA. We work with multiple schools and implement their guidelines and the guidelines of the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) in our Statement. The SHMA Safeguarding Statement provides information about identifying problems & guidance with procedures for everyone involved.

Designated Safeguarding Lead 

Master Faith Carmichael

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Keeping Children Safe in Education

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Meet Our Team

SHMA Instructors, Class Assistants & Volunteers 

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Club Insurance, Instructor safety.

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