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Welcome to Snow Herons Martial Arts


Snow Herons

"Speaking personally, my son absolutely loves your classes and what he learns in lessons has a positive effect on other areas of his life, such as focus and discipline.  He is loving the challenge of progressing through the belts.


I also think that what you've done over the years and particularly during the pandemic to keep the classes going has been nothing short of amazing.  While the world was going mad you provided routine and consistency for your students, making a massive difference to both their mental

and physical health".

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Tang Soo Do
Muk Du Kwan

Many names have been used to describe the Korean Martial Arts. Korean hardstyle kicks and punch, today known as Tae Kwon Do, utilising the natural turning and twisting of the Chinese soft styles all directly influenced by the Japanese Martial Arts, have become what we know today as Tang Soo Do.

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Tang Soo Do
Songin Kwan

This program is a physically conscientious martial arts system designed for the mature adult to learn, maintain and or regain confidence, strength, longevity and effective self defense in a safe environment.

Forms are learned by focusing on slow movement and breathing to move life energy throughout the body. In addition, Songin Do helps improve balance, posture, flexibility, coordination and strength.


Tactical self-defense is taught to be practical, powerful, effective by engaging rapid response movements.

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(TEMAS) was formed with a vision of educating and sharing the benefits of the martial arts with those who train in the martial arts and with the community at large. The physical, mental and awareness skills gained from martial arts are proven to develop self-confidence, self-discipline and self-determination within an individual. These attributes strengthen character and promote leadership development. Learning to set personal goals, overcome challenges and carrying the lessons learned on the martial arts journey are steps toward success in life.

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