We ask that you use this Contact Us form rather than emailing Snowheronsmartialarts
Contact US forms are answered before non-contact us emails ​
Some emails from non known email addresses go into the junk box
General Emails to Master Carmichael (carmichael6326@gmail.com) are not answered
To inform SHMA of a Collection change for the class in operation
TEXT SHMA 07714 425883
Please remember our administration team does not work 24/7
& we may take a few days to answer your inquiry

Please use this Contact Us form for all communication unless you need to inform

SHMA on the day that your child will not be attending classes

or someone else not previously authorised will be collecting your child.


ALL phone communication that is not related to the above will not be answered.

Our phone number is 077144 25883


Please use the form below

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