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Designated Safeguarding Lead Master Faith Carmichael

Master Faith Carmichael's Continuous Professional Development Specialising in "Sports" Education & Student Safeguarding :

The Snow Herons Martial Arts Designated Lead Student Protection Officer is Master Faith Carmichael.

New Courses will have a link to view the certifications.

Managing sexualised behaviour in primary schools-in progress
Safeguarding children and young people with SEND-in progress
Safeguarding for mental health and emotional wellbeing in education (NSPCC) 08/01/23
Child Protection in Primary Schools (NSPCC) 30/12/2022
Child protection in Sport and Physical Activity (NSPCC) 08/06/2022
Safeguarding children and young people with SEND (NSPCC) 18/08/2022
Teaching Assistant: Level 2 Diploma​ (NS Academy) 12/04/2020
Promoting Positive Behaviour (NS Academy)
Child Protection in Sport (NS Academy)
Mental Health Awareness: Certificate (NS Academy) 
Mental Wellbeing in Children & Young People: Certificate (NS Academy)
Special Educational Needs & Disability: Level 2 & 3 Diploma (NS Academy)
The Prevent Agenda: WRAP (Gov.)
Safeguarding Children & Young People: (COGNUS)
First Aid: (SJA) 
DBS: (MCP: Avenue Academy School)
Special Educational Needs: Advanced Diploma (NS Academy)
Advanced Sports & Exercise Nutrition Advisor (HS Academy)
Child Protection in Schools: (NSPCC)
Child Protection in Sport: (NSPCC)
Crossfit Certified Adult / Child Trainer (CF USA)
National Association of Sports Medicine Personal Trainers (NASM)
BSc (Honours) Rehabilitation & Injury Prevention (Middlesex University)

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